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Monsters Out of the Closet is a horror fiction podcast dedicated to proudly featuring spooky and strange stories, poetry, songs, and other creative content from diverse LGBTQ+ voices.

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Coming soon... THIS HALLOWEEN

Welcome to Monsters Out of the Closet! We are the first LGBTQ+ horror fiction podcast out there and we are proud to celebrate ourselves and our own narratives.

Episodes will be released every month and will feature a range of fiction, poetry, music, and other incredible work by LGBTQ+ artists.

The first episode is slotted for a Halloween release and features.... YOU!

That's right - we are seeking submissions for written fiction, poetry, and even music from you, dear reader/listener. We are also seeking readers who would be interested in reading submissions and recording it. Authors are also welcome to record their own audio.

Us, reaching for submissions...

Us, reaching for submissions...

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, but September 22nd is the tentative cut-off for consideration for the premiere episode - so don't miss it! For more information on how to submit, be sure to check out the Submit tab.

In the meantime, also be sure to follow us on Tumblr and subscribe on Apple Podcasts (check back soon for a link).


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