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Monsters Out of the Closet is a horror fiction podcast dedicated to proudly featuring spooky and strange stories, poetry, songs, and other creative content from diverse LGBTQ+ voices.

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Here's To Another Six Months!

Woohoo! We're at the halfway point of our first year, and we are so thrilled that our decrepit form is still roaming around. Thanks for moaning braaaiiinnss with us, dear #MonsterMob.

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We're so pumped about how the podcast has grown these past months as sound design has become more ambitious and content has forayed more into audio dramas. If you haven't heard our first full length original audio drama, "Swipe Left For Zombies," you should!

We are so appreciative to all of talented voice actors, writers, and musicians for contributing and we look forward to more incredible submissions. We are currently seeking submissions for our May through July episodes (CREATURES, LIBERATE, and RECLAIM).

You can also support the show through Patreon - all proceed go to covering our hosting overhead, and going towards the goal or paying all our writers (past and future).

It's been a haunting six months, here's to the next six <3

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Happy Friday the 13th!


What a week! National Coming Out Day and Friday the 13th!! We hope you all had a wonderfully gay and spooky Friday to kick off the weekend. We definitely had a packed week! We not only posted a teaser, but we also left you a little treat, let's call it a bonus minisode. For all you cryptid lovers out there, you should definitely check it out.

As for now, we are still looking for submissions for future episodes. November's theme is "Roots" and can be explored in any way. Submissions for that episode are due October 29. For more details check out our Submit page. And if November's theme doesn't interest you, consider submitting a story, poem, song, or other piece for a later episode! The themes for the next 11 episodes are already listed under the submissions calendar because we have zero chill.

As we come closer and closer to our Halloween premiere, we'd just like to thank everyone for their support of this project. Seriously, it means a lot. Keep spreading the word and encouraging friends to participate and engage.


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Submissions Update

Are you worried that you missed the chance to submit for the premier episode of Monsters Out of the Closet?

Creeping... towards... submission... deadlines...

Creeping... towards... submission... deadlines...

Never fear! We've extended our deadline to next week - October 1st! Remember - we are looking for all kinds of spooky, queer fiction and music of any length and style. Check out our Submit page for details on how to submit your work.

We already have received a couple of fresh submissions, and our co-producers Shriya and Nicole might even have a few pieces they'd like to share, so join the spooktacular party!

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Coming soon... THIS HALLOWEEN

Welcome to Monsters Out of the Closet! We are the first LGBTQ+ horror fiction podcast out there and we are proud to celebrate ourselves and our own narratives.

Episodes will be released every month and will feature a range of fiction, poetry, music, and other incredible work by LGBTQ+ artists.

The first episode is slotted for a Halloween release and features.... YOU!

That's right - we are seeking submissions for written fiction, poetry, and even music from you, dear reader/listener. We are also seeking readers who would be interested in reading submissions and recording it. Authors are also welcome to record their own audio.

Us, reaching for submissions...

Us, reaching for submissions...

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, but September 22nd is the tentative cut-off for consideration for the premiere episode - so don't miss it! For more information on how to submit, be sure to check out the Submit tab.

In the meantime, also be sure to follow us on Tumblr and subscribe on Apple Podcasts (check back soon for a link).


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