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Monsters Out of the Closet is a horror fiction podcast dedicated to proudly featuring spooky and strange stories, poetry, songs, and other creative content from diverse LGBTQ+ voices.

Here's To Another Six Months!

Woohoo! We're at the halfway point of our first year, and we are so thrilled that our decrepit form is still roaming around. Thanks for moaning braaaiiinnss with us, dear #MonsterMob.

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We're so pumped about how the podcast has grown these past months as sound design has become more ambitious and content has forayed more into audio dramas. If you haven't heard our first full length original audio drama, "Swipe Left For Zombies," you should!

We are so appreciative to all of talented voice actors, writers, and musicians for contributing and we look forward to more incredible submissions. We are currently seeking submissions for our May through July episodes (CREATURES, LIBERATE, and RECLAIM).

You can also support the show through Patreon - all proceed go to covering our hosting overhead, and going towards the goal or paying all our writers (past and future).

It's been a haunting six months, here's to the next six <3

The Admin Monsters

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Pay the Ghouls

Hey monsters! If you like:

  • Compensating LGBTQ+ artists for their creations
  • Being in a delightful Discord with other horror nerds
  • Ponderous producer’s cuts of our episodes
  • Riotous reviews of horror movies
  • Nicole and/or Shriya (we’re not picky)

... then you should check out our new Patreon!

Our goal is to compensate all of our contributing artists (past and present) - and also to give you some really rad exclusive content!

Do the thing and watch our community grow! #PayArtists #PaytheGhouls




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From PodCon to Beyond!

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Hello Monsters! First of all, thanks to everyone at PodCon who wanted to learn more about our podcast - you all rock! (To listen to previous episodes, you can check out out Listen tab, or subscribe wherever you get podcasts).

A lot of inspiration for this podcast came from podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead, Lore, and Selected Shorts, and it was awesome to learn from, and even meet some of the people involved with those shows at PodCon.

 The amazing cast of Night Vale!

The amazing cast of Night Vale!

 Aaron Mahnke of  Lore , accompanied by the talented pianist Chad Lawson.

Aaron Mahnke of Lore, accompanied by the talented pianist Chad Lawson.

Since PodCon, we (Shriya and Nicole) have been talking about how to help this podcast grow, and how we can better connect with more of our listeners. On that front, we are launching exciting new efforts within our podcast in the next few days. (*cough* Patreon coming soon *cough*) Stay tuned!

We love our listeners and community so much, so thank you for being here with us!


The Admin Monsters

The Phantom of the Opera is Here!

 Get to know our artists...

Get to know our artists...

We at Monsters Out of the Closet always offer our platform to our artists for featured interviews. This month we've interviewed composer Ross Crean, whose opera "The Great God Pan" was featured in episode 1, HALLOWEEN. Check out the interview here.

If you are an LGBTQ+ artist interested in horror, we'd love to feature you and your work. Our next submissions cutoff is November 26th for December's episode, ENDINGS.


The Admin Monsters

Double Feature!

Just to make sure you're in the mood for Halloween and our premiere episode, we have a double release today - a trailer for that premiere episode, as well as our first visual submission.

You can listen to our trailer - and our previous teasers and bonus content - on our Listen page.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Dillon Triplett (@ionizedART) for the following piece. It's super creepy and ominous!

(Remember, it's not too late to submit content - written, musical, or visual - for our second episode, Roots. The cut-off in October 29th, but submissions can always be accepted for later episodes.)

  Untitled, back of hands on charcoal

Untitled, back of hands on charcoal

See you in a few days for the premiere episode!


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