Monsters Out of the Closet


Monsters Out of the Closet is a horror fiction podcast dedicated to proudly featuring spooky and strange stories, poetry, songs, and other creative content from diverse LGBTQ+ voices.

Episode 9 - Liberate

Life, but not as we know it… Area 51’s finest minds join an unexpected fight for freedom and find a little freedom for themselves along the way.

Featuring "Little Leap of Logic" written by Ada Dela Cruz, and performed by Lara Elaine, Zach Wells, Lucille Valentine, Eric Little, and Sam Andico (IG: @sambajuice). Music by Kai Engel, and Sci-fi Laboratory Ambience by Iwan Gabovitch under CC-BY 3.0 License with sounds by wolick, swiftoid, Diboz, and beerbelly38.

We are still currently seeking submissions for our August-October episodes!

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